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A weekend at the beach

A weekend at the beach

Two weekend's ago, hubby and I had a somewhat spontaneous weekend getaway to the Eastern Shore. Despite being huge lovers of both domestic and international travel, our busy schedule has prevented us from escaping every day life this year {with the exception of my solo trip to Las Vegas} and with summer drawing to a close, I was desperate to see the ocean and feel the sand between my toes.

After countless hours of research on where to go for the weekend, I settled upon a tiny airbnb house in Accomac, Virginia, approximately 40 minutes from Chincoteague Island.

The sun was shining brightly as we left the buzz of the city on Friday morning. I was so excited at the prospect of total rest and relaxation for the entire weekend!

After breaking-up the three and a half hour journey with a pit-stop for lunch in the small Maryland town of Easton, we arrived at "the little red house" to a warm welcome from our host, Mona, shortly after 4 PM. Besides Mona's home immediately next door and her parents house across the field, there was no other sign of civilization as far as the eye could see; it was perfect!

After unpacking our belongings and finding our way around "the little red house" we headed to the back garden, where there were two lawn chairs and a small table set out in front of the fire pit. With nothing more than a book and one another's company, we peacefully whiled away the last of the remaining sunlight.

As dusk set-in and the temperature slowly dropped, Mona came to light the fire for us. Before we lost all daylight, I prepared a simple dinner of fresh bread and baked campfire brie with figs and gooey honeycomb. We shared a bottle of French Riesling {an ode to our next vacation!} as the darkness descended.

By the light of the fire, we continued to read, pausing to occasionally chat and gaze upward at the dark night. After several s'mores for dessert, our bed inside "the little red house" was calling but not before extinguishing the fire and "ooo-ing" and "ahh-ing" at the pitch black night sky strewn with millions of stars.

After a peaceful night's rest with the windows wide open, I awoke before the sunrise to a chill in the air. After hopping out of bed and taking a peek out the window, I quickly changed, pulling on a sweater and some shoes before grabbing my camera and heading out.

The recently cut corn field in front of the house was eerily quiet and all around me a still, grey mist waited for the first morning's light. Underfoot was damp and the chill was invigorating.

I walked toward the dirt road we had came on, following the path until there was a break in the trees.

Just after 7 AM the sun made its first appearance, shifting the swirling mist as it slowly rose higher on the horizon.

After about an hour of enjoying the sunrise {and being eaten non-stop by mosquitoes?!} I headed back to find my hubby stirring. A leisurely outdoor breakfast of homemade granola and freshly cooked eggs from Mona's four girls was the perfect start before packing-up our bags for the beach!

The scenic drive to Chincoteague Island was about 40 minutes. We chose to pass straight through the quaint little town and head straight to the Assateague Island entrance; I couldn't wait to see the ocean and to feel the warm grains of sand beneath my feet! After pausing to view the wild horses grazing, we continued to the beach parking area and found a suitable spot. A short walk over the sand dunes and we were there! We were finally on the beach and it was PERFECT!

There were miles of white sand as far as the eye could see. The ocean was warm and salty. The breeze was light and fresh. We swam, we laughed, we frolicked in the waves. We read, we watched and we snoozed. It was pure bliss.

We took a break during our day at the beach to visit a small yet mightily popular sandwich cafe in the heart of Chincoteague. It was just after 2 PM when we arrived at the Sea Star Cafe and there was a short line. It was no more than a brief wait before we were tucking into our homemade sandwiches {mine a fresh shrimp, scallion, dill and lemon zest filling on wholewheat ciabatta} and pickles.

Dessert was of course ice-cream from the Island Creamery; we were at the beach after all! A generous helping of flavors known as "Pony Tracks" and "Almond Joy" and I was happy : )

Back at the beach that afternoon we swam off our lunch and flew our brand new kite!

As the sun began to set, we opted to pack-up and take a walk along the shore. It was such a beautiful evening. We talked to the fishermen and we watched the sandpipers dance as the waves crashed ashore. I hunted for seaside treasures; unique shells and stones that would remind me of our 2015 trip to the beach.

When the sun had officially said good night, we headed into Chincoteague to find a suitable spot for dinner. While waiting for a table at our chosen restaurant, we enjoyed a couple of beers at the bar and chatted about how we loved the Assateague Island beach. We were seated at a table in the restaurant soon after and proceeded to peruse the menu. We chatted some more and we waited... and waited... and waited.

After waiting for some time without any acknowledgement, we did something I don't do very often... we got up and walked out! Pausing to tell the hostess why we were leaving as we headed for the car, we strutted for the door; proud of our gallant move to exit the crowded dining room. I knew we'd done the right thing as soon as we'd made the decision to move on. If the attention we'd been given thus far was any indication as to how our dinner might have been, it wasn't worth waiting for!

So, we headed back to the "little red house" for a bottle of red with some cheese and crackers by the fire : )

Before settling down in front of the fire with a blanket, I opted to wash the smell of the ocean from my skin and the sand from my hair in the outdoor shower behind the house. Oh. My. Word. The blissful steaming hot water underneath the starry filled night sky was just incredible! I couldn't think of a better way to clean-up after a day at the beach.

We woke a little later on Sunday morning to bright rays of sun light filtering in through the windows. After finishing the last of the fresh eggs for breakfast and enjoying a final long, hot, outdoor shower, we were on our way to the beach to squeeze in one last dip in the ocean before heading home.

At around 3 PM, we were bound for home with a belly full of beach BBQ and "pony tracks" ice-cream. My hair smelled like the ocean and there was white sand all over the car. I was tired from late night fire pits with wine, cheese, gooey s'mores and tons of stargazing. My body was aching from running up and down the beach, chasing our kite and frolicking in the waves. I was sporting more mosquito bites than I could count and I couldn't wait to be in my own bed, however, with all that being said, I wouldn't have had it any other way : )

What a perfect end to summer 2015!

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