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Making Lists

Making Lists


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LIST {noun} A series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record.
— Oxford Dictionary

I've been making these so called records for several days now. As I contemplated the notebooks & diaries strewn across my desk this morning, each filled with various lists of thoughts, ideas, ponderings, & to-dos, I felt marginally hopeful that I might have made some headway. Perhaps it's the second drained coffee cup talking, but I feel positively energized about the year ahead having taken the time to jot down some of the goings on in my mind.

January marks the start of a clean slate for most. It's the month of new beginnings. A time to realize hopes, dreams, & aspirations & to focus on setting goals. I finally adopted the same mentality last week & committed to five precise resolutions for 2017. Since then, I've spent quite some time reading other's promises & pledges & how they hope to achieve them. With this, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a fundamental flaw in my intentions for the coming year; I hadn't determined how I was going to achieve my own list of goals.

Cue the list making.

Scribbled on the pages of my treasured notebooks are lists of future baking projects, blog post ideas, books to read, tasks to accomplish, things to photograph, & subjects to write about. And it feels incredibly good.

I've always been a list maker. It's not necessarily the satisfaction of ticking an accomplished bullet point that compels me to make them, it's more of a coping mechanism for my busy mind. There are lists on my phone. In notebooks on the nightstand. On scraps of paper buried in the bottom of my purse. There are grocery lists. Household to-do lists. Creative ideas lists. People to contact lists. Pardon the pun, however, but the list goes on...

Despite making some progress concerning how I aim to uphold my 2017 resolutions, I am reminded that the hardest part about writing checklists is the pessimism associated with not fulfilling each bullet point. I have a terrible habit of feeling as though I've failed if I don't attain something I committed to paper. Guilt all too easily consumes me & as a result, I waste time considering frustrating & sometimes painful regrets. Which brings me to a sixth, significant resolution.

Don't get caught up in falling short of your own expectations.

It sounds simple, yet I personally think this may be my most important goal for the coming year. It won't be an easy one to fulfill, my obsessive perfectionism will certainly see to that, however, I believe it's a resolution that should always make my list because life is simply too short to worry about the things we didn't accomplish. Instead, we should celebrate the things we did do.

And with that & this blog post, I'm happy to not only feel good about my six concise goals for 2017, but also to tick something else off of one of my cherished lists!

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